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Bridal Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

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A wedding is one of a woman’s most important events and all brides on this day want to look their best. As the wedding day approaches, they may become increasingly stressed and anxious about getting the perfect makeup done.

A good makeup artist can provide you with a something that suits your skin tone and wedding style, ensuring you look gorgeous for the camera. Redwood Beauty College provides certified makeup courses in bridal, cultural bridal and special event makeup. We use the latest techniques and technology to provide targeted practical training. We also offer diploma in skincare therapy. What Not to Do Some of the makeup mistakes you should avoid to look flawless on your wedding day are: • Forgetting to Prep Your Lips Always prepare your lips using a lip primer before applying a lipstick if you want the colour to last longer. If your lipstick is super-glossy, there is a chance of smudging. Matte lipsticks usually last longer than creamy or glossy ones. Take steps to prevent streaking as you may be eating a lot of cake and drinking champagne through the celebrations. • Selecting an Inappropriate Foundation Shade If your foundation gives you a chalky look, it is time to switch to a different shade. One of the common mistakes that most people make is opting for a foundation that is several shades lighter; always pick one that is closer to your skin tone. Test the foundation outdoors to see how it appears in natural light before purchasing. • Using the Wrong Concealer Using an all-purpose concealer for your under-eye region can result in the concealer settling into creases. Thick and full-coverage concealers are usually used to cover blemishes while smoother concealers with light-catching pigments are best for under your eyes. • Experimenting With the Look Your wedding is no day for experimenting with a new lipstick or eye shadow shade. Never try to pull off a look you are not comfortable with just because it is trending. Stick to what suits you the best. • Not Planning the Waxing Schedule It is recommended to not plan your monthly waxing routine around your wedding date. This is because you may have rashes, redness or irritation after waxing. If you are opting for a new treatment such as laser hair removal, make sure that there is enough time for you to recuperate.• Maximum Lift for Your Eyelashes Choose your eyelash extensions before your wedding day to ensure they match your look and ascertain you are not allergic to them. Opt for a waterproof mascara to make sure there is no smudging. • Skipping the Makeup Trial Never miss your pre-wedding makeup trial as it helps you understand what kind of look you want on your special day. You can share references with your makeup artist and tell them if you want any changes to be made. • Using Too Much Blush It is essential to use only sheer blush tones and blend them properly. Otherwise, you may end up with streaks and a muddy looking finish. • Hiring an Unskilled Makeup Artist Choosing a wedding makeup artist is one of the most important decisions you have to take. Even if you have a relative or friend who is good at makeup, it is better to hire a professional for your big day. Make sure the individual you select has undertaken a certified makeup course from a reputable institute and has experience in wedding makeup. If you want to enroll yourself in a makeup course in Markham, get in touch with Redwood Beauty College. We offer certificate courses in cosmetic laser modalities and eyelash extensions. We also provide services such as microneedling, microblading, photofacial and more. For further queries, contact us today!


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