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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Training

Laser training

The beauty industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. This is because people everywhere want to look younger. Becoming a fully qualified laser hair removal technician can expand your skillset for beauty therapy. This can also open a door to new businesses and increase your patients’ satisfaction. But most people aren’t aware of the path or what it takes to become an expert in this line. That’s why it is important to attend laser training from a prestigious institution.

At Redwood Beauty College, we are devoted to helping beauty and wellness professionals find their way. Whether you are committed to following your passion or are hoping to upgrade your skillset, we have got the courses for you. How Laser Hair Removal Works

It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures that are performed today. During a session, beams of highly concentrated light will be directed into hair follicles through a device. The melanin within these follicles attracts and absorbs the light. This kills the follicle and it won’t be able to produce hair anymore. The process works best when hair growth is in an active cycle. This is why multiple sessions are typically needed. The treatment is simple and straightforward. The client will be asked to refrain from any and all removal processes for about six weeks prior to the procedure. The hair in the targeted part is later trimmed to just a few millimetres, or you might be asked to shave prior. After the procedure, ice packs or anti-inflammatory cream will be applied to soothe the area. A waiting period of six weeks is advised before returning for follow-up treatments. Why More People Are Choosing Hair Removal

Even though the process has been around for years, it was considered too expensive, inefficient or painful. But, the technologies behind it have improved through the years and this has made the procedure more effective. Here are some of its top benefits: It’s fast The process is much faster than waxing or shaving. A single laser pulse takes a split-second for an area about a quarter’s size. The time taken for the upper lip is a minute and for larger areas, like the back, it can go up to one hour. Within an average of three to seven sessions, much of the hair can be permanently removed. It’s precise The technology behind the process is very advanced. Large laser pulses target dark, coarse hair without damaging the lighter surrounding skin. Earlier, the treatment posed problems for people who had dark skin and light-coloured hair. Today, different new types of lasers are there to address this problem. This includes diode lasers and nd: YAG lasers. It’s predictable Even though the outcomes depend on several factors (such as the thickness of the hair and size of the area), the end result is usually the same. It’s a great investment An average Canadian woman spends tens of thousands of dollars during her lifetime for shaving, waxing and plucking out body hair. Laser hair removal is a great investment as it helps to save money in the long run. Ready to Start Your Future

The beauty industry is undergoing new innovations as the treatments are becoming more advanced and efficient. It is necessary to have the skill and knowledge to keep up. If you are interested in undergoing laser training, Redwood Beauty College can help out. We are a locally owned business specialized in beauty courses and clinical services. Our expert team is highly equipped to expedite your skills development that you can rely on for years to come. Call us today to know further about our laser training course.

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