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Why should you take online courses?

Why should you take online courses?

Our current complicated times have no doubt changed our lives. More than 300 million students worldwide are having their education disrupted by this global pandemic, and in this uncertain time, it’s important that learning continues. Whether you’re new to beauty and skincare or you’re a beauty professional wanting to upgrade your skills, even the college is physically closed, now is the best time to move your learning online.

The “lipstick effect” will make our beauty industry emerge from the crisis and come back stronger: History has shown the "lipstick effect" since the Great Depression in the 1930s. During the Economic Recession and Depression, though the sales of other consumer goods may go down, beauty and cosmetic sales skyrocket. Research has confirmed this effect globally. As we face one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime, in today’s market, the “lipstick effect” may expand to a self-care effect and the BOTOX effect. If you start your training today, you can take advantage of this strong economic comeback. Clients still need to look good and feel good during quarantine: As we practice social distancing, people find a new way to connect—from watch parties to cooking parties. The medical spa industry has experienced a surge in skin care product sales. We’re still making people look good and feel good through our virtual consultations, as well as encouraging them to build a complete home care regimen. Thus, their need will never disappear. Online learning keeps you safe and saves you time: The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. By taking an instructor-lead online course, you’ll learn at the comfort of your home while keeping you safe. Academic integrity through online learning is enhanced at Redwood Beauty College:

  • Course materials are very well-organized with visual aids: including texts, charts, pictures and videos.

  • The flow of each lecture is very well-planned in a step-by-step, progressive, and logical order.

  • The instructors explain the course material in great detail.

  • The instructors encourage class interaction and involvement through the use of Q&As, case studies and group discussions.

  • The learning experience will be enhanced by the industry’s leading company guest speakers.

  • Exams are designed to test students' understanding of the concepts, and not just by memorizing the materials.

  • The college holds accountability for each student’s grades.

Student support through online learning is maintained at Redwood Beauty College: Students also enjoy networking opportunities with their peers during social distancing climates. The faculty and instructors are always there to check on students and answer all their questions. How to start online learning at Redwood Beauty College:

  • Fill out an online course inquiry form

  • Our admission department will send out a course outline and fee schedule

  • Once all of your questions are answered, you will e-sign the enrollment contract

  • Course login details will be emailed to you

It’s easy to join online classes. All you need is a computer, WiFi and a positive learning attitude! The practicum will be arranged at a later date. Online learning will give you a sense of accomplishment: When this is all over and you look back, you’ll be glad that you took this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skillsets, bringing you one step closer to your dreams. See what other students are saying about their online learning experience: “Strongly recommend the new On-line Esthetic program at Redwood Beauty College! Absolutely a good choice!” “The online learning journey that I had here was amazing and excellent. It’s a very fresh and positive experience in the Zoom class. Actually, it was even better than on-site study: so convenient, no need for traffic and less stressful.” “The President and teacher of Redwood college Maggie are one of the best! I learned much more than expected with her. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I already referred one of my staff to register the Skincare course with RBC, and in the future, I’ll recommend everybody to study here who wants to study Esthetic or to improve.” “I was very impressed by Maggie’s extensive knowledge and the great passion for the Esthetic career. She was such an open-minded professional to contemporary Hi-tech and well-informed in the beauty industry, being enthusiastic to share her valuable real-life experience to every student with patience. The slides she prepared for the Zoom class were particularly informative and very clear by well-organized texts, charts, pictures... and detailed explanations during the class.” “I love the positive energy in Maggie's Zoom Class.” Your future is at your fingertips. Contact us now to start today!

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