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Botox and Dermal Filler Certificate 

Dermal Filler and Botox Certificate Courses in Barrie

Course Description

This comprehensive 2-day training course is designed for medical professionals who want to learn and expand their knowledge and use of BOTOX Cosmetic® and dermal fillers. The graduate will be extremely marketable as a certified cosmetic injector and will be able to join the most potentially profitable cosmetic procedures, multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry.  Register at our college and get your Botox Certification in Barrie. Call our office and get signed up for the Botox Course in Barrie today.


Medical doctor degree or nurse’s degree* (documentation must be presented)

*Trained Canadian medical doctors who completed this certification training will be eligible to order Botox and fillers from Allergan and other major suppliers. Nurses are required to work with a physician or nurse practitioner. Please note that physicians are required to consult with their licensing college prior to training to ensure that they will be eligible to perform these procedures.

Course Outline

Redwood Beauty College is honored to have enlisted highly reputable and qualified doctors to work with you for the duration of your training.  Our team of professionals are very excited to share the passion in Aesthetic Medicine, alongside with the perfected skills and wisdom, with our college and its medical professional students.

With over a decade of cosmetic injectables practice and thousands of services, we are certain that all the modern techniques will be passed on in both theory and practical application in conducive learning environment.

Duration: 2 days

 Didactic lecture:

• Introduction to medical aesthetic industry

• Understanding the Acts, regulations, guidelines

• Understanding the roles between AOA and RNs/RPNs

• Guidance towards agreements and contracts

• Discuss the history, safety, and reconstitution of BOTOX

• Discuss the indications, risks and benefits of Botox for both upper & lower face.

• Review facial and neck anatomy

• Discuss the categories and types of Dermal Filler products

• Discuss the different injection techniques and safety issues, as well as management and treatment of complications.

• Discuss pain management modalities

• Medical safety kit checklist

• Demonstrate patient consultation techniques

• Before-and-after photo guidance

• Discuss price structuring, market trends, and patient retention


Practical Clinic Application:

• Demonstrate patient consultation techniques

• Patient selection criteria

• Indications and contraindications

• Aseptic technique

• BOTOX reconstitution techniques

• Demonstrate technique and injection simulation on

  • o glabellar frown lines

  • o forehead lines

  • o periorbital rhytid

  • o Brow lift

• Demonstrate syringing technique and injection on

  • o Marionette Lines

  • o Lip augmentation

  • o Nasolabial Folds

  • o Cheek Re-volumization

• Adverse effects and potential risks

• Complication prevention and management

• Actual injection on live models

• Course Evaluations and Certificates presented.

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