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Make Your Spa Profitable With Tested Strategies

Course Description 

This comprehensive online training is designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills to drive your spa business to profitability. Learn a solid foundation of strategic planning for operating a successful spa. Learn how to develop ways to increase productivity, proper sales techniques, staff training methods, and how to create an online presence. 

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Course Agenda 

This course will give you a comprehensive understanding of how you can turn all the odds in your favour and make your spa profitable.


  • Understanding the spa market in a competitive landscape 

  • Licensing and permits 

  • Vision/Mission/Core Value 

  • Understanding Financials/Budgets 

  • Set up sales goals and monitoring outcome 

  • Pricing service strategies 

  • How to design an effective spa menu Staff management and development 

  • Developing effective sales techniques through consultative sales 

  • Marketing strategies/community networking 

  • The power of social media 

  • How to develop your online business sales 

  • How to strive for excellence in customer care 

  • Choosing an effective spa management software system 

  • Entrepreneur and leadership skills

COURSE FEE: Training Fee: $995 

Hours: 20

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