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Cosmetic Laser

Practical Techniques

Cosmetic Laser Practical Techniques Certificate in Markham

Course Description

Welcome to Cosmetic Laser Practical Techinques Certificate in Markham.  This comprehensive practical training is designed to offer the trainees exposure to a variety of Laser, light–based and radio frequency services.


Upon completions, trainee will be able to offer numerous cosmetic laser services which will make the trainee marketable in today’s rapidly expanding anti-aging industry.  Contact us today to register for the Cosmetic Laser Practical Techinques Certificate in Markham today.  


Prerequisite: Cosmetic Laser Fundamentals

The training will cover the following:

  • Client consultation and selection

  • Treatment package sales techniques

  • Treatment protocols including pre-treatment and post-care

  • Laser techniques (Medlite, Picoway, GentleMax, Icon, EndyMed, Nordlys)

  • Client charting

  • Post care & home care recommendations

  • Describe how these procedures can be combined with other services to enhance results and earning potential

  • Pricing, marketing and branding

Course Agenda

In clinic practical hands-on of the following services:

  • Fractional resurfacing treatment for wrinkles

  • Radio frequency skin tightening and lifting

  • Photo rejuvenation for hyperpigmentation clarity

  • Photo rejuvenation for rosacea relief

  • Acne & acne scar treatment

  • Body contouring

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Vascular reduction

  • Laser hair removal

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Please contact us to get more details on Cosmetic Laser Practical Techniques Certificate in Markham.

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