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Eyelash Extensions              Certificate

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Eyelash Extensions Certificate in Markham

Course Description

Welcome to Eyelash Extension Certificate in Markham.  This comprehensive 1-day training is designed to introduce the trainees to a fast growing and in-demand service of Eyelash Extensions.

In this course will focus on the Semi-Permanent eye Lash Extensions to create volume and a luscious look with finer, lighter weight lash fiber techniques. Protecting the client’s natural lashes will be discussed in detail. Lash Extensions can become your new and profitable business model.


Lash kit includes:

  • Lash Extension Remover

  • Jade Stone

  • Collagen Gel Pads

  • Micro-Brush Swabs

  • Eyelash Wands

  • Lash Artisan Tweezers – Straight

  • Lash Artisan – Bended

  • Surgical Tape

  • Crafted Mink Lashes Tray (3)

  • (Mix of sizes)

  • Carrying Case

Course Agenda


  • Introduction to Lash Extensions

  • Workstation setup, sanitization and disinfection

  • Safety

  • Human lash theory

  • Client consultation and contraindications

  • Eye Shapes

  • Extension lashes review

  • Adhesive

  • Full set, touch-up and removal application

  • Client aftercare


  • Client consultation, allergies and patch test

  • Determine client’s eye shape and lash selection

  • Demonstration of procedure on live model

  • Trainees practice on mannequin head

  • Trainees practice on full set, touch-up and removing applications

  • Trainees work on live model (provided by trainees)

  • Client aftercare

  • Pricing, marketing & branding

Trainee will need to submit 3 before-and-after photos in order to be certified.E


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Please contact us to get more details on our Eyelash Extension Certificate in Markham Ontario.

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