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Message from the President


We take this opportunity to welcome you to Redwood Beauty College. We are pleased that you are visiting our website and our team is ready to serve you in the Greater Toronto Area. You are here now because it’s time to make a change or perhaps to advance your current skills. You are ready to make the sacrifice and you have gathered the strength to act on what you are passionate about. 


Our team is excited to be part of your training journey! 


We believe that higher education will be your passport to financial freedom. We are committed to providing you with inspiring education and coupled with your determination, your focus and a winning mentality, we can change the quality of your life! 


As you review our course offerings, you can expect to see a variety of courses that we have taken pride in developing in consultation with our industry partners, to serve you best. We are current, practical, relevant and a step above industry expectations. This is our promise to you, our student, to ensure that all of your efforts, time and financial investment can lead to a greater and more fullfilling outcome in the beauty industry. Our team of professionals are eager and highly equipped to work with you in a real work atmosphere, to expedite your skills development in a conducive learning environment that you can come to rely on for years to come.


We wish you success and a learning experience that will leave you thirsty for continued advancement in this ever changing and evolving industry, that we are so proud to work in. 



Chelsea Wen


Redwood Beauty College

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Our Mission Statement

Redwood Beauty College embraces all learners to achieve true greatness, by providing a consistent, focused, comprehensive and disciplined educational environment, built on exceeding expectations and desires, for timely career success and personal fulfillment.

Redwood Beauty College

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a team of professionals that are inspired by making a difference in people’s life, by offering exceptional courses and services. 

We stand by our commitment to drive all people to live their vision of their best life!

Redwood Beauty College

Our Core Values

Our core values as an organization is to be truthful and to bestow respect onto all we do business with, by being anchored in wisdom, purpose, authenticity, integrity and good intentions.

  • Integrity – Integrity and honesty are the foundation and will be ever present in our daily operations to ensure that all our of transactions lead to a mutual benefit.

  • Passion – Relentless passion that excites and drives employees, customers and industry partners to work in collaboration with us, for a common greater good.

  • Wisdom – The wisdom to take balanced risks and never stop growing. To diligently work toward expanding everyone’s extraordinary talent and unleash their unlimited potential.

  • Time – We honor and value Time. These are extraordinary times with unprecedented opportunities and we will use time effectively, every working day!

Redwood Beauty College
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