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                                                             Microblading                             training

Microblading Training Certification in Markham

Microblading certification in Markham Ontario, is considered the fastest growing segment of the cosmetic tattooing industry. It has surged in popularity because it provides brows that look full and realistic. Also known as 3D/ 6D brows, feathering and microstroking, it is an advanced brow embroidery technique. Fine needles are used to create thin hair-like marks on the skin. Redwood Beauty College is proud to offer microblading training in Markham.

Besides this, we also offer Skincare Therapist Diploma and Injectable Certificate. Feel free to visit our website for further details.

Course Duration

The duration needed to complete this course is 16 hours or 3 days.


Course Details

This is a three-day Microblading Certification Training in Barrie, which is a practical comprehensive training program to introduce trainees to this in demand service. The course comprises of the following content:

  • History of Microblading

  • Colorants, Pigments & Colour Theory

  • Sanitization and Disinfection

  • Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate Overview

  • Health, Safety and Insurance

  • Fitzpatrick Skin Type & Brow Colour Guide

  • Client Consultation & Contraindications

  • Proper use of local Anesthetic

  • Aftercare and Healing Process

  • Facial Anatomy & Physiology

  • Measuring and Shaping the eyebrows

  • Understand Your Tools

  • Differences Between Different Blades

  • Pricing, Marketing and Branding

  • Practicing on Flat Synthetic Skin

  • Demonstration Procedure on Live Model by Trainer

  • Workstation Setup

  • Complete Client Consultation and Waiver Form

  • Brow Shapes & Blade Selection

  • Pigment Mixing and Correction Techniques

  • Customization of Hair Stroke

  • Trainees Practice on Live Model

  • Post-treatment Care

  • Follow up & Touch-up Appointments

Professional Kit

Our kit includes the following:

  • Pigment Colour (3 Bottles)

  • Electric Microblading Pen

  • Electric Microblading Sterile Kit(10 line needles+ 3 tips shadow needles+20 cups )

  • Finger Gloves ( 1 Bag) (8
individual treatment units)

  • Practice Pencil (2)

  • Pencil Holder

  • Ring Cups (15)

  • Eyebrow Wax Pencil (1 Black, 1 Brown 1, White)

  • Eyebrow Scissor

  • 1 Numbing Cream - Apply In School Only

  • Flat Synthetic Skin (1 Practice Skin)

  • 3D Synthetic Skin (2 Pieces)

  • Pigment Ring Cup Holder(15 pieces)

  • Post-care healing gel product
(10 single packs)

  • Plastic Wraps

  • Wooden Tips

  • Eyebrow trimmer (10 pieces)

  • Microblading pen

  • 3 tips Shadow needles (5 pieces)

  • 11 tips Line needles ( 2 pieces)

  • 16 tips Line needles (5 pieces)

  • Makerpen with ruler

  • Eyebrow wands

Please Note: Trainees are required to bring two models. One will be needed on day two and one on day three of the class, in order for you to be certified as a Microblading Technician.



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If you want to learn more about our microblading training in Markham, speak to us. You can also request for more information by filling our online form and we will get back to you promptly.

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