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        Skin Care Certificate

Skin Care Certificate in Barrie

Course Description

This comprehensive 40 hour training certificate is designed to broaden the options of treating a variety of skin types and conditions such as dryness, oiliness, congestions, sensitivity, rosacea, couperose, and acne. We will focus on the application techniques, products, and machinery required to provide a variety of facials for combination skin, mature skin, dehydrated skin, male skin and teen skin.  Call us and schedule your tour and learn more about our Skin Care Certificate in Barrie today.


The training will cover the following:

  • Professional Image

  • Sanitation and disinfection

  • Science of skin care

  • Equipment modalities

  • Client medical history & release forms

  • Facial protocols & various techniques

  • Cosmetic product knowledge

  • Massage techniques

  • Back facials

  • Perform a variety of customized facials

  • Client charting

  • Eve Taylor & Image Skincare professional cosmetic product lines

Course Agenda

  • Skin anatomy and physiology

  • Skin types and conditions such as dry, oily/congested, acne-prone, sensitive, hypersensitive, acne and hyperpigmentation

  • Skin disorders & diseases

  • Client consultation, analysis and client service preparation

  • Indications and contraindications

  • Skin nutrition

  • Practical step by step treatment protocols including pre-treatment

  • Equipment modalities including proper handling and usage of high frequency, galvanic, vacuum, ultrasonic, hot/cold hammer

  • Advanced extraction techniques

  • Facial protocol

  • Advanced facial cleansing & massage techniques

  • Understand cosmetic chemistry and skincare active ingredients

  • Client charting and homecare product recommendations

  • Describe how these procedures can be combined with other services to enhance results

  • Discussion of current devices and technologies

  • Client services and retention

  • Pricing, marketing and branding


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