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Do you want to become a professional beautician? Enrol in professional beautician courses at Redwood Beauty College in Barrie for certification and diplomas. We have qualified and experienced teaching staffs who are fully competent to give instructions. Here, you can read what our past students have to say about us.

Uncomparable best quality of the trainings


Best place in Ontario to learn about skin care, laser, micro-needling, chemical peel, microdermabrasion and medispa treatments + running a successful medical spa both professionally and compliant to the laws and regulations in Ontario. Both diploma and certificate courses are amazing.


I’ve been already in the industry for years running a business in and got trainings from manufacturers, vendors, other colleges and training facilities; none of those were comparable to the quality of the trainings provided at Redwood. Some our employees have been taking courses at this college as well.


I have also been taking hybrid-training courses which are partly based on online-learning. I found it very useful to learn at the comfort of your home/office; you save so much time! They utilize state-of-the-art technology of inMode (laser+rf) full platform; you will learn with the best tools at the best hands. I would like to thank Maggie who is an exceptional therapist and educator.


- Andrew M


Worth the drive


I would like to thank the Redwood Beauty College team.  They were truly amazing in every aspect of my journey here.  Always supportive, helpful, kind, knowledgeable, skillful and they ready do care for you to become successful.


I came all the way from Toronto for my Diploma and I enjoyed every minute of my time learning.  During my practical they make you feel like your part of a little family, which for me was so important.


Thank you ladies again, for such an amazing journey and my success from the bottom of my heart!


Alyah H

Medical Spa Advanced Therapist


Outstanding College


I cannot say enough great things about Redwood Beauty College and the staff there.  Throughout my time at Redwood, I felt the teachers went above and beyond for each & every student.  I had the pleasure of having Brittany as my instructor, she was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and the most sophisticated I’ve seen in this field.


We received an extensive amount of hands on experience and extra help was always readily available if we required it.  This college is simply outstanding and I will continue to return and add on to my education as Redwood Beauty College has so much to offer!


Courtney S

Medical Spa Advanced Therapist


Go to Redwood was the best choice I could have made


My personal experience with Redwood Beauty College has been exceptional.  This was a 2-year process for me to finally make the decision to go back to school and hands down Redwood was the best choice I could have made.  Our instructor Brittany came with an array of knowledge and over a decade of experience.  The theory and in clinic classes were both thoroughly educational and fun.  Everyone jumped to help one another and the hands-on experience was beyond my expectations.


Thank you Brittany, Redwood and all my fellow classmates for making this experience so enjoyable!


Nicole L

Skincare Therapist


On-line learning journey was amazing and excellent


Strongly recommend the new On-line Esthetic program at Redwood Beauty College! Absolutely a good choice!


The On-line learning journey recently I had here was amazing and excellent. It’s a very fresh and positive experience in the Zoom class. Actually it was even better than on-site study: so convenient, no need for traffic, less stress…


The President and teacher of Redwood college Maggie is one of the best! I learned much more than expected with her. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I already referred one of my staffs to register the Skincare course with RBC, and in the future I’ll recommend everybody to study here who want to study Esthetic or to improve.


I was very impressed by Maggie’s extensive knowledge and the great passion towards the Esthetic career. She was such an open-minded professional to contemporary Hi-tech and well-informed in the beauty industry, being enthusiasm to share her valuable real life experience to every student with patience. The slides she prepared for the Zoom class were particularly informative and very clear by well-organized texts, charts, pictures... and detailed explanations during the class.


I love the positive energy in Maggie's Zoom Class.
- Anna C


Unforgettable experience


The experience Redwood Beauty Colle has given me is unforgettable.  My teacher, Brittany is extremely knowledgeable and patient towards my education and was always willing to go the extra mile to help my classmates and me.


I always felt welcomed and safe during my program and I can’t wait to continue with the other certificate courses that Redwood Beauty College offers.


Sheridan N


Skincare Amazing* 5/5

"Instructor was knowledgeable and personable-easy to understand-approachable and supportive, always answered questions and made herself available after class hours. Very fun to chat with and class was never boring. Made Saturday class something to look forward to. Class was well structured with adequate time for subjects and review.
Overall awesome instructor... I am sad class is over! She will be missed!"

- Sarah K



Very satisfied with Skincare

"I am very satisfied with the courses that I took at The Redwood Beauty College. The instructors are very knowledgeable and skillful. the all treat students with great love and respect. They are also very patient to go through questions and concerns throughout the course. I highly recommend the college to anyone who is interested to start a career in the beauty and cosmetic industry. I truly enjoyed taking classes and learning from highly trained professionals in their field"

- Sohila A



Very good teacher

"Nicole is a very good teacher, she makes me feel very sure of what I am doing, her explanations are very clear. College is clean and well organized. In conclusion I'm very satisfied and I feel ready to work"

- Monica M



College has great atmosphere

"I think that the college is great, everybody is so nice and it makes you feel welcome. The atmosphere is not tense and I would say that's thanks to the teacher. Nicole is great because she is very nice and doesnt ever make you feel like your doing it wrong. She give good tips and focuses on the positive things we are doing and when she does correct us, its never in a harsh way, its always kind. I'm very happy with how the course has turned out"

- Karolayn ML



Very Informative and Knowledgeable Instructor

"Very informative and knowledgeable instructor. Very patient with answering all my questions.  Great tips of the trade. Positive environment and organized. Detailed with her communication, she is an excellent microneedling instructor.

Thank you Redwood!"


- Laura L




 "The course for microneedling was theoretically and practically ..excellent. Loved my instructor!"


- Shushanik M



Great Learning Environment

 "I had a wonderful experience during my training at Redwood Beauty College.  My teachers were knowledgeable and very helpful during my theory and practical application of my courses.

I am leaving the college feeling confident in my service abilities and want to thank everyone at the college for being kind, accommodating and friendly.

Thank you so much Redwood Beauty College for giving me such a great learning environment.  I am happy to recommend this college and will be back for more courses"


- Barbara P



Training at Redwood was a very Pleasant Experience

"Training at Redwood was a very pleasant experience.  the school was very clean and everyone was very kind and professional.  Nicole is an excellent teacher!  Very patient and thorough.  She is easy to understand when she explains the method of putting on and taking off the eyelash extensions.  She makes you feel safe, as she teaches!"


- Chandra E



Microneedling Training

"I took a microneedling course with Maggie at Redwood Beauty College. I absolutely loved the training, she was very thorough with each step and the entire course. Made me feel extremely comfortable with the service, which is exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend her and Redwood for any trainings. 


- Savannah M 



Hands-on, Supportive, and Productive Training
“Let me start by saying that Redwood Beauty College is the best!

The staffs are fantastic. They are the most caring and knowledgeable people I have ever met. My training at Redwood Beauty College was very hands-on, supportive, and productive. They take the time to make sure you understand the concept of skincare.

I would highly recommend Redwood Beauty College to anyone who is looking to further their career in the skincare industry and also to anyone who is looking into getting any skin care procedures!”

- Angie K



Highly Recommend
“I am pleased to highly recommend Redwood Beauty College. As a medical esthetician for 10 years, I am always looking to upgrade my skills. I took the microneedling, dermaplaning, and microblading courses. The curriculum and quality of the instruction I received was exceptional, and I’m very comfortable using my new skillset to better serve my clients.”

- Farhana A


Great Experience
“I had such a great experience attending Redwood Beauty College. The school is so clean, the instructors are excellent, and there is so much room for the students to work during practical sessions. I attended another school before and can honestly say the schools are night and day. I would highly recommend getting trained at Redwood Beauty College.”

- Theresa BT



Teachers Are Wonderful
“I have attended Redwood Beauty College in Barrie and took a few of their courses. I am happy I found this college because the college and the teachers are wonderful. The college is super-clean and has a beautiful decor that is professional and inviting. My teacher is very kind, professional, and very knowledgeable with tons of experience. My experience at Redwood Beauty College was excellent, and I would recommend it to anybody who wants their foot in the door in the beauty industry. They have many courses to choose from, and you will have hands-on experiences as well as theoretical.”

- Alina H



Highly Organized and Interactive
“Redwood Beauty College's Botox and Filler Injection certification program was highly organized and interactive. The program director and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Chen was very thorough, engaging, and able to answer all my questions. He made sure we understood everything and gave us pointers so we can easily remember everything he taught us. The materials we used were very beneficial in our educational process. Overall, amazing experience! I am excited and looking forward to taking more courses at this institution.”

- Liza C



Knowledgeable, Understanding, and Extremely Creative
“My experience as a student at Redwood Beauty College has been amazing! I have now taken 2 courses here, and I absolutely love it! My instructor has been fantastic. She is so knowledgeable, understanding, and extremely creative. I have had both one-on-one classes and lessons in a group setting, and she makes learning fun. I would recommend Redwood Beauty College to anyone wanting to learn the beauty Industry.”

- Meghan R



Amazing and Welcoming
“I couldn’t be more thankful for this college and the amazing teachers and instructors who come with it; everyone is so amazing and welcoming, and it makes you feel very happy to get up and go learn. Thank you for all you have done!”

- Breanna G



Very Encouraging
“I would recommend Redwood Beauty College. I am happy with my skincare course; it met my expectations. I found the instructor kind, very knowledgeable, and always well-prepared for class. She was very encouraging during my course, and that has helped me learn how to do facial treatments with confidence.”

- Sydney R



Beyond My Expectations
“Thank you Redwood Beauty College for my education! The skincare course was beyond my expectations. It was more in depth than I thought it would be. I feel very confident in the theoretical and practical knowledge I gained. Thank you so much Maggie; you were a wonderful instructor, and you explained the course material very well.”

- Neeshea H



Knowledgeable Instructor
“I really enjoyed the BB Glow certificate course. Maggie was a very nice instructor and very knowledgeable. I am confident and ready to use this procedure on my clients. “

- Josie D



Wonderful and Passionate Instructor
“I completed my BB Glow course with Maggie! She is such a wonderful person and really passionate in her work. I have known Maggie for almost 20 years. She is my mentor and always guides me well. I have done many of my courses with her. I am really fortunate to have met her. Thank you Maggie!!”

- Shagufta K



Great Education
“I just finished my makeup course at Redwood Beauty College. I would like to thank the school and the teacher for giving me a great education. Thank you.”

- Talieh K



Made Learning Fun
“I had an amazing experience with Redwood Beauty College during my makeup course. My teacher was very talented and thoughtful, and made learning fun. Thank you, Redwood Beauty College, for giving me a great learning experience.”

- Taylor C



Practical and Fun
“I really enjoyed taking the Eyelash Extensions classes at Redwood Beauty College. Nicole’s classes were very practical and fun. She was very organized and clear in explaining and showing the steps/processes throughout the classes. She is a very knowledgeable and skillful instructor. She is also very patient and friendly, which made it easy for me to talk about my concerns and questions. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take the eyelash extension course!”

- Sohila N



Very Professional
“Redwood Beauty College was the only website that I came across online, and I decided to take my eyelash extension course there. I contacted the college and the response was very quick. The lady that I talked to on the phone was very helpful and she answered all of my questions. The course itself was very enjoyable and fun. The teacher, Nicole, was very knowledgeable, and she explained everything very well. She also gave us some advice from her own experience working with clients. All questions that I had were answered. The teacher was very professional. I am very happy with the choice of the college.”

- Agnes F



Amazing Instructor
“I learned a lot from this course (microneedling). Even when it was a one-day course training, I learned a lot theoretically and hands-on-wise. Ms. Maggie Guo was an amazing instructor/teacher, and I cannot thank her enough for imparting to us her knowledge and skills that I/we can use in the future.
Thank you Ms. Maggie! More power to you.”

- Aprielle L



So Grateful
“I’m so grateful to have come here at Redwood Beauty College to have microneedling training from an amazing instructor Maggie Guo! I have learned a lot in just 7 hours, both theoretically and practically; she is so knowledgeable. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. God bless!”

- Rhodelia B



Learned a Lot
“After my microneedling treatment (as a student model) in Redwood Beauty College I felt a little bit nervous for the process but it was all replaced by excitement when the teacher explained the outcomes and benefits of it. The process is tolerable because they put numbing cream on your face. Our face becomes red at first but after a few hours it subsides.
I learned a lot from our lecture and hands on for 7 hours. I feel I am ready to go! Thank you, Ms. Maggie, for sharing your knowledge with us.”

- Ma Crisanta S



It’s Worth It
“First I felt a little bit nervous because it was my first time. I felt a little pain that was tolerable; after I was done with microneedling I felt a tingling sensation, but when they put hyaluronic acid mask, I felt good and happy to see the results of my microneedling. It’s worth coming here at Redwood Beauty College because I learned a lot, and I enjoyed the way Maggie taught us!”

- Ma Mae J

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